Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Godmother of NDE

Endorsement from the GODMOTHER of Near Death Research  PMH ATWATER.  This was way off the radar for us but there it was.  It isn't just an endorsement.  

PMH has added our story to her main website under "Aftereffects" permanent tab.  She is planning on writing a review in her weekly newsletter.  Who knew that arguably the World's Best Known researcher would love our book so much.  Grateful for all of it.  Carol and I actually filled up with tears when we read it.  Thank you!

I have always said that I am not an expert on Near Death Experience.  I just tell the story. But if you're looking for honest and sincere, thirty years of research on the matter, pick any one of her numerous books.  She is virtually globally recognized.  It is a real thrill that she is supporting us so much.

FROM PMH Atwater
Here is a list of her books on the same topic...WOW
PMH Atwater on Youtube

Robert, I was so impressed by your book that I am recommending it as a perfect example of what happens with aftereffects – - - in the new pull-down on the Home Page of my website ( In that pull-down will also be what you ascribe to IANDS in your book, that actually came from a brochure on aftereffects I designed and wrote for IANDS. PMH

Robert Tremblay’s book, Twenty-Seconds: A True Account of Survival & Hope is raw, honest, and smacks you right in the face. Be prepared. This book goes deeper into the full spread of aftereffects than others I have read, while opening wide the controversy of the medical industry, drugs, the placebo/nocebo effect, and the real truth about healing. I mean this book packs a wallop. Robert is not, nor was he ever gay. He was infected in a heterosexual liaison that shocked those who knew him, pushing him into the maelstrom of accusations, guilt, late-stage disease progression, and more surgeries and more pain than any human should endure. Just what he learned about the medical industry is almost enough to pay you for buying this book, not to mention what came next. His deep examination of the aftereffects following his near-death episode, and how they played out in his life is positively stunning. Yes, he quoted extensively from my work, yet what he went through, what he discovered, far eclipses anything I wrote. The book starts out slow, like he can’t quite deal with the situation at hand, his death, his recovery – but once he gets going – oh my – you can hardly turn the pages fast enough. Thank you, Robert, for sharing with us the journey you’ve been on.

. . . P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., One of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, and author of many books, among them Coming Back To Life, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story and Future Memory.

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